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I’m real tired, y’all.

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3 days ago on 04/15/14 at 10:28pm


Sometimes I hate Kids React, but this was kinda awesome.

The kid who says "I feel like Indiana Jones", tho.

I loved my Walkman. It was yellow and had a rubberized grip.

Fuck man

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WATCHMEN #6 (Feb. 1987)
"The Abyss Gazes Also"
Art by Dave Gibbons & John Higgins 
Words by Alan Moore

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Miniature Body Landscapes by Allan Teger

Allan Teger is an american photographer from Florida. Today we’re featuring a serie where he mixes the child side of playing with miniature toys, with the adult body. Thanks to a little bit of imagination, and some technique, it becomes really easy to transform a body into a fishing like, a golf green or a lover park.

Oh my glob

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